The Hub of Hope

Engagement Center
  • The Hub of Hope
16th St. & JFK Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

For six winters, the Hub of Hope has served as a walk-in engagement center located in the concourses. Now, through a partnership between SEPTA, the City of Philadelphia, and Project HOME, the Hub of Hope will expand, moving into a permanent location in the concourse to offer year-round services.

With its opening in January 2018, everyone who visits this new expanded Hub of Hope will be welcome to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, speak to peers or case managers to go into shelter or begin the process of finding a permanent home, take a shower and wash laundry in a safe and warm environment, receive medical and behavioral healthcare, receive a meal, and get linked to recovery services and programs. Individuals experiencing chronic street homelessness will receive additional services to facilitate their paths to permanent housing.

The Hub of Hope is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia, SEPTA, and Project HOME.


  • Expand to a location that will be regularly staffed and open year-round to those experiencing homelessness in Center City.
  • Continue to engage, assess, and place individuals experiencing homelessness into shelter, treatment or other long-term housing opportunities with supportive services.
  • Provide low-barrier access to centralized co-located physical and behavioral health care services allowing for on-going primary care to a population who has little access to medical services.
  • Equip SEPTA police with resources and services that can be offered to vulnerable individuals living and sleeping in the concourses.
  • Provide a Living Room for chronically homeless individuals who can participate in workshops on various topics and find support from community members and peers.
  • Collaborate with a food access provider to provide meals during designated days/times.
  • Deepen our understanding of strategic and effective tools and methods to end chronic homelessness in our lifetime.
  • Develop a respite and community space.