Employment Services

Adult Education and Employment

We know how vital it is for all Philadelphians to attain financial self-sufficiency, especially those who are experiencing homelessness, recovering from homelessness, or living in poverty. Our Employment Services program provides a whole-person model of care to empower the people we serve to achieve their goals of recovery, self-sufficiency, and financial independence. 

Our services are tailored to support people experiencing homelessness, Project HOME residents who are recovering from homelessness, and our neighbors in Lower North Philadelphia as they work toward fulfilling jobs with living wages.

These one-on-one support services Include:

  • Assistance with career planning 
  • Job searches and applications 
  • Interview preparation
  • Job-site coaching 
  • Referral to support services 
  • Access to training and advancement 

Paid apprenticeships are available and include a six-month match to competitive employment, typically in high-need jobs. We also partner with the Philadelphia business community to provide access to high-quality job opportunities in technology, healthcare, hospitality, and other growing sectors of the city's economy.

Project HOME is dedicated to addressing the barriers that prevent people who have experienced homelessness and poverty from finding and keeping meaningful employment.

Call 215-235-2900 to learn more.

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