• Project HOME Permanent Supportive Housing


Project HOME's supportive housing programs offer permanent, subsidized housing for individuals and families who had been homeless. Most residents come to Project HOME from a safe haven, a shelter or from the streets. Since 2011, the Middleton Partnership has been the catalyst for unprecedented success in the effort to end chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia. Thanks to the Partnership, there will be more homes for vulnerable people living on the streets, with two residences already opened (James Widener Ray Homes and JBJ Soul Homes) and two more underway (Francis House of Peace and 2415 North Broad Street) to help persons experiencing homelessness and poverty in Philadelphia realize their full potential as fellow citizens and members of our community. Currently, we have developed 621 units of supportive and affordable housing for persons who have experienced homelessness and low-socioeconomic persons at risk of homelessness. In addition, we currently have 94 units currently under construction, 175 units in pre-development, and 113 units in the pipeline. Our goal is to complete 1,000 total units of affordable housing in the near future.