Ambassadors of Hope

Street Outreach

The Ambassadors of Hope (AOH) connect people who are experiencing street homelessness in Center City to a variety of resources including: housing, shelter and case management. 

Ambassadors of Hope is a collaborative street outreach effort between Project HOME, Center City District, the Reading Terminal Market and the Philadelphia Police Department, with support and guidance from the Outreach Coordination Center and the Department of Behavioral Health. Through the program, these agencies are fully coordinated and focused on the shared goal of ending street homelessness.  

Ambassadors of Hope works to build reliable relationships with individuals experiencing street homelessness. Through the program, Ambassadors of Hope conducts consistent street outreach in order to establish lasting relationships between individuals experiencing homelessness, service providers, and business owners. AOH outreach works to connect individuals with a variety of resources including: housing, shelter and case management. Additionally, AOH is able to provide immediate emergency assistance for homeless individuals. 

Ambassadors of Hope receives tremendous support from the Harold A. Honickman Fund, which was graciously established to strengthen our program and expand the services offered to those experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia. 

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