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Project HOME is strongly committed to empowering all community members and Project HOME residential participants to reach their fullest potential as individuals by supporting them through employment and educational opportunities that are grounded in recovery principles. Access and Individualized services are key elements of the Workforce Solutions approach. Our programs are designed to help you find work (or more work, or better paying work) and achieve your educationa and training goals. We are here to help you enrich your life.

We offer a wealth of opportunities that are low-cost or cost-free, including: certification trainings in ServSafe and A+; photography and music production; one-on-one college and financial aid guidance; test prep; access to computer labs; job search and resume workshops; job fairs; creative writing and poetry workshops; benefits and tax assistance; and one-on-one tutoring.

To learn more or to get started, contact Gregory Grutman at [email protected] or visit the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs.

Support employment for Project HOME residents is an evidence-based practice used to assist members of the Project HOME community to increase their income through competitive employment. A steady employment and career track is available through this individualized program that will help Project HOME residents identify employment and career goals and access employment opportunities linked to those goals.

The Supportive Employment Program offers career planning and identification, job search, interview preparation, coordination with employers and job-site coaching, skilss-bnuilding resources, coordination with support services, and access to future job opportunities.

A four-month paid internship opportunity that helps unemployed or under-employed individuals gain the experience required to re-enter the job market. The internships are either within Project HOME or at a partner company/organization. The residential internship program provides services that include job training, on-site support, career guidance, and job search assistance throughout the duration of the internship program. Interns are rerquired to work and attend trainings on a weekly basis.

Through our Empower 2 Employ program, Project HOME offers community members access to services that include resume development, assistance completing online job applications, access to job listings, and a quarterly meeting with employer presentations.

BenePhilly is a counselor-assisted free service that helps Philadelphia residents determine what benefits they are eligible for, and ensure that they receive all of those benefits in full.

The Benefit Bank assists in filing state, federal and amended federal income taxes. The bank assists in applying for the following: food stamps, Child Health Insurance program (CHIP), Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), and Prescription Drug Assistance (PACE).

Benefit Bank services are available February through April. For more information, please email Tanisha Clanton at [email protected].

The Honickman UnderGraduate Support program for Adults (HUGS) supports students from application to graduation. Working with a HUGS coordinator, the student is led step-by-step through the college preparation and enrollment process. Participants receive assistance with goal setting, school selection, loan defaults, the application process, financial aid, scholarships, placement exams, class selection/registration, and study skills.

If you or someone you know is interested in HUGS, email [email protected].

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