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Veterans Services

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Project HOME provides a variety of services that cater specifically to veterans and veteran families currently without homes or in danger of losing their homes.

The Philadelphia Alliance for Supportive Services to Veteran Families (PASSVF)

The Philadelphia Alliance for Supportive Services for Veteran Families (PASSVF) supports very low-income Veterans and their families who are at risk of or are currently experiencing homelessness.

PASSVF provides case management to link Veterans to a variety of community-based resources and services available through the VA. 

The PECO/Exelon Veterans Training and Employment Program

The Veterans Training and Employment Program, a partnership between Project HOME and PECO, is a model that uses the restorative power of work, education and community to help formerly homeless veterans re-make their lives.

The vehicle for accomplishing this change is the internship, a six-month experience during which the interns hold down real jobs and learn real skills needed for success at work and in their lives.

The experience is designed for the interns to develop new skills, re-discover hidden talents and set new goals for a life of independence, productivity, and contribution to family and community. By the end of the internship, each intern is expected to obtain independent employment.

Veteran Outreach

A member of Project HOME's Outreach team pairs with a member of the local Veterans Affairs office to conduct street outreach once a week targeting veterans living on the street. The outreach team visits with approximately 30 to 40 veterans in the Center City area regularly.

PASSVF is a partnership between Project HOME, The Veterans Multi-Service CenterImpact Services Corporation, and the Homeless Advocacy Project.

Services include:

  • Housing counseling and assistance in finding affordable housing
  • Assistance in obtaining VA benefits and other public benefits
  • Legal assistance related to housing and benefits
  • Credit repair assistance
  • Temporary financial assistance, including rental assistance, utility payment, security deposits, moving costs, emergency supplies, transportation, and child care.

For more information on PASSVF, contact Jeanne Ciocca at [email protected] or 215-232-7272 x3046, or download the PASSFV fact sheet and the PASSVF brochure.

How the Veterans Training and Employment Program works:

  • Immediately after acceptance into the program, interns complete an assessment of work-related experiences, interests, skills, and gaps. This helps them set their goals and identify the actions needed to be successful in the internship.
  • Interns are matched with participating employers, where they receive specific job assignments, appropriate on-the-job training, and supervision and performance evaluations. Interns work at their sites for 15 hours per week at an hourly rate of $8.
  • Interns engage in formal learning and personal enrichment activities throughout the internship, including computer training, money management, and training programs that develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary for success at work. Each intern attends five hours of weekly educational learning at our Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs, and are paid $8 an hour for this mandatory training.
  • Interns attend mandatory monthly meetings that serve as a supportive environment where issues related to work and recovery are processed and addressed by professional counselors and job coaches. They meet regularly with Project HOME’s program manager to review their goals and progress; receive job coaching; and to address problems and barriers. The program manager meets with interns’ workplace supervisors on a pre-determined basis.
  • Assistance with post-internship employment is provided by Project HOME’s employment specialists.

For more on the program, contact Alexis Pugh at [email protected] or 215-232-7272 x3051.