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Personal Recovery Services

  • Personal Recovery Services at Project HOME
    Personal Recovery Services worker Eunid Mann and resident David Green
To learn more about the program, contact the PRS Program Manager at 215-235-3110 x5640 or 215-667-9467.

Personal Recovery Services (PRS) is Project HOME’s version of psychiatric rehabilitation services, a person-centered, evidence-based practice that has gained increasing credence in the professional behavioral health field and among policy makers. In this model, a mobile team of specially trained team members travel to all sites. Team members work one-on-one with eligible individuals who request their services. The PRS staff member works in relationship with a specific resident, who chooses his or her goals.

A resident may want to work on life skills, decision-making, specific anxieties that he or she believes are compromising personal progress. Together, the PRS staff member and the resident develop a specific and individualized plan to achieve the stated goals. The emphasis is on personal growth, individual choice, empowerment, and developing strengths and hope that can translate into real success.

Team members work with individuals directly; services are not provided on behalf of the individual, services take place collaboratively—with the individual. This is in keeping with the idea that all individuals can learn skills and build supports in order to attain goals of their choosing. Mainly, PRS focuses on personal growth, individual choice, hope, strengths and recovery.


  • At least 18 years old
  • Choose to participate
  • Presence or history of a serious mental illness
  • Have impairment(s) in living, learning, working and/or socializing that is a result of mental illness