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Our Plan

In 2011, Project HOME began implementing a five-year strategic plan to end and prevent chronic street homelessness. With a transformational leadership gift from Leigh and John Middleton, Project HOME created a public/private initiative to ensure the success of the plan. The Middleton Partnership comprises visionary leaders who have joined with Leigh and John Middleton to ensure that together we realize this bold goal.
Since 2011, Project HOME and its community partners have created a new strategic and collaborative approach to provide housing, healthcare, education, and employment. Under Project HOME’s lead, the Partnership has identified the longest-term and most vulnerable people living on the streets and developed a comprehensive program of permanent housing (with services designed to break the cycle of homelessness) and also the necessary capacity to prevent chronic street homelessness in the future.
In addition, Project HOME will pilot evidence-based practices in drug- and alcohol-free housing coupled with employment, leading to greater economic independence for people struggling with addiction and chronic street homelessness. To prevent future homelessness, the Partnership will create new permanent supportive housing with strong education and employment opportunities targeted to youth aging out of foster care or who are experiencing homelessness.

The financial leverage and collaborative impact of the Middleton Partnership allows Project HOME to greatly expand its housing and services, including building six new residential programs with a total of 500 additional housing units – doubling overall housing capacity – and a new wellness center offering integrated health care services including primary, behavioral health, and dental care, together with wellness programs. Not only does the Middleton Partnership help Project HOME carry out its mission of ending homelessness, it generates economic and fiscal impacts throughout the City of Philadelphia and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Strategic Goal One
End chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia by:
  • Partnering with the City of Philadelphia, civic leaders, and other community based organizations to end chronic street homelessness by a strategic use of our collective resources and experience; by engaging the participation and leadership of those that are experiencing homelessness; utilizing researched based best practices; by developing policies and practices to prevent street homelessness including but not limited to intake and coordinated access
  • Increasing access to affordable rental housing for those who are experiencing or at-risk Project HOME of homelessness through the development of permanent supportive housing and other appropriate permanent housing
  • Advancing public policy and support for the human and civil rights of persons who are experiencing homelessness, poverty and/or disability
  • Incorporating promising and evidence based practices to ensure the highest quality of services are offered to people living on the street and Project HOME residents and alumni that promote health, wellness, recovery, community inclusion, and successful transition from the street to housing including transitioning from entry level housing to more permanent supportive housing
  • Exploring the creation of a technical assistance arm of Project HOME to support staff and other organizations to more effectively deliver services that help end chronic homelessness
Strategic Goal Two
Eliminate health disparities for people who are experiencing homelessness, Project HOME’s residents, alumni and the children, youth and adults who live, work or go to school in North Central Philadelphia by:
  • Increasing access to primary, behavioral and specialty healthcare services
  • Establishing the Project HOME Wellness Center to serve as a central location for the provision of community health services
Strategic Goal Three
Improve educational and employment opportunities for Project HOME’s residents, alumni and the children, youth and adults who live, work or go to school in North Central Philadelphia by:
  • Increasing access to education, counseling, internships, job training and employment; increasing access to post-secondary education for youth at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs
  • Increasing access to education, job training, skill building and career placement services for adults at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs, local businesses, and Project HOME’s social enterprises and employment services
  • Positioning the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs as a center  for innovation in urban education and employment
  • Partnering with higher education and the business community to develop a high-quality workforce for green, technology, healthcare, service, and other growing sectors of Philadelphia’s economy
Strategic Goal Four
Ensure that all developments reflect the shared values of economic, social and, to the greatest extent possible, environmental sustainability by:
  • Ensuring all future development initiatives will be environmentally sustainable
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of Project HOME’s existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Becoming a model for sustainable neighborhood development
  • Acting as a catalyst for economic development in North Central Philadelphia
Strategic Goal Five
Build Project HOME’s capacity to achieve our mission and strategic goals by:
  • Enhancing our strong, unified brand identity by broadening recognition of the scope of our work
  • Continuing to actively engage residents and alumni in conversations about our mission and strategy
  • Cultivating a larger community of diverse and engaged staff, volunteers, donors, neighbors, allies and advocates
  • Investing in leading edge information and technology solutions
  • Developing a model program for our property management services to effectively operate and manage our existing and future buildings
  • Enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of financial management services
  • Increasing leadership and professional development opportunities for staff
  • Recruiting and retaining the best and brightest minds to help achieve our mission and vision
  • Strengthening and diversifying sources of income