About the Young Leaders Committee

For more information about joining the Project HOME Young Leaders Committee, contact Stephanie Lin at [email protected] or 215.232.7272 x 3045.

The Young Leaders Committee is a unique group of enthusiastic professionals from the Greater Philadelphia region dedicated to supporting the vision and mission of Project HOME. Since 2005, the Committee has offered individuals the opportunity to build relationships with other like-minded people, while helping to support individuals in our community who either experience or are at-risk of experiencing homelessness. There are several ways to get involved, ranging from volunteer days, participation in the annual Young Leaders Event and other projects centered on the work of Project HOME.

Benefits of Joining the Young Leaders Committee

  • Participate in social events and meetings where you’ll meet other like-minded professionals
  • Volunteer in projects that enrich our community and help make a difference in the lives of others
  • Join us for the annual Young Leaders Event. All proceeds raised at the event support the many programs of Project HOME
  • Expand the Young Leaders Committee – help cultivate other Young Leaders
  • Be an ambassador for Project HOME and help spread awareness about the organization’s programs

We invite you to join us to help grow and build the momentum of our Committee. If you are interested in joining our Young Leaders Committee or wish to be kept informed of related opportunities, please complete the form below.

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