On-Going and Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities

  • On-Going and Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities
Contact Elle Gordon at Vcoordinator@projecthome.org or 215-232-7272

Project HOME has a need for volunteers all year long!

Individual and group volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. These opportunities directly honor the volunteer program’s mission, which is to engage the community in our work through building capacity, broadening engagement, and bridging the gaps in our society to comprehensively support Project HOME in establishing concrete solutions to ending homelessness and poverty. Join us!

Below is a list of opportunities. Click on each opportunity to learn more and to complete the next steps.

The Hub of Hope is a walk-in engagement center run by Project HOME located in the concourses under Two Penn Center in Philadelphia. It provides social and health services from January through April to individuals experiencing chronic homelessness who lived in Center City.

To Volunteer
Contact AngieLewis@projecthome.org for more information about how you can volunteer with this engaging and vital program.

Imagine a talent show mixed with a potluck dinner and you’ll have a picture of what a Project HOME Potlatch is. Participate in an evening of music, poetry, art, creativity, and expression with Project HOME! Consider donating food to this great event and join us for an evening of fun.

To Volunteer or Donate
Contact Elle Gordon at VCoordinator@projecthome.org

Please include “Potlatch Meal” or in the subject line. We look forward to seeing you!