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We are still early into the new year, so we wanted to take a look back on the biggest Project HOME stories from 2016. 

It was a busy and eventful year, with lots of significant accomplishments, new challenges, and a few surprises.  Here are some of the highlights:

Doing What Counts | 2017 PIT Count

Jenna Bryant is the PIT Count Coordinator for Project HOME's Outreach Coordination Center.



An editorial from S. Mary from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Elaine, a 37-year-old veteran and talented artist, was homeless in a wheelchair, having lost her legs to frostbite. She suffered from severe PTSD and addiction. Veterans' organizations and other community groups were working with her to help her to break out of homelessness, but early one August morning she was struck by a drunken driver and killed.


Hundreds of Philadelphians will join Mayor Jim Kenney, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, Councilman Derek Green, Councilwoman Helen Gym, Sister Mary Scullion of Project HOME, homeless outreach organizers and community leaders.

Homeless Memorial Day Philadelphia, an annual event commemorated in over 150 localities across the United States on or near the first day of winter, recognizes those who have lost their lives while homeless or experienced homelessness. This year’s memorial will include:

A Christmas Story

This is a Christmas reflection written several years ago by Will O’Brien, a member of the Project HOME community.  As we look to this year’s Christmas celebration, and as we are preparing for this year’s Homeless Memorial Day, it seems worthwhile to share this.

An Evening of Song with Temple University

The Project HOME Choir joined with the Temple University Choir in their concert on Tuesday, November 29 in Temple's Performing Arts Center for a night of song, and it did not disappoint!

The hour-long program featured songs from around the world sung by Temple University’s Concert Choir who had invited the Project HOME choir to join in two special pieces, including the premier of “We Are HOME”—the Project HOME anthem, jointly written by Dr. Paul Rardin, the Elaine Brown Chair in Choral Music at Temple University and Project HOME’s own Annette Jeffrey.

Help Project HOME this Holiday Season

Thank you to everyone who helped make Thanksgiving so successful this year for our community!

From now until the New Year, Project HOME has many opportunities for involvement to help make the holidays a special time for our community. Please join us.

Winter Holidays

Happy To Be At Home

Earlier this year, Project HOME’s Property Management Department did its periodic survey of all our residents.  In an efforts to maintain the highest standards and to be most effective in our mission, we sought residents’ input, feedback, and comments on matters ranging from the building’s physical appearance, to staff accessibility and professionalism, to the sense of community felt among residents and the satisfaction with the community events.  We assess all the feedback and identify ways we can improve and best meet the needs of our community members.

Dee Dee Risher is a long-time friend of the Project HOME community (and former staff member).  Her recent book, The Soulmaking Room, is a reflection on how we embrace our difficult experiences and struggles as a path toward wholeness.  You can purchase the book through Project HOME here. Here is an excerpt:


Richard Bogue is a long-time resident of Project HOME.  He lives at 1515 Fairmount Avenue, and frequently shares his poetry and writing with the broader community.


Many years ago when I was living in San Francisco I decided to go to church one Sunday.  I chose the Unitarian church and at the end of the service the minister urged the congregation to “be gentle with your selves.”