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Tanisha Clanton | Providing the Spark of Education

As students from all over Philadelphia settle into another year of reading, writing, and arithmetic, one former student has returned to help usher a new generation of students to college and beyond.


Curtis Stubbs' situation had become dire in the weeks before Project HOME outreach worker Sam Santiago entered his life.

Suffering from untreated schizophrenia and drug addiction, Curtis’ sense of hopelessness had already driven him to attempt suicide once. He was living on a razor’s edge and he knew it; so when Sam offered him a way out, Curtis grabbed it with both hands.

"I'm still working on myself," he admits. "But if I didn't have Project HOME I'd be in one of two places: jail or six feet under. Project HOME is a blessing."


Project HOME staff member Nicole Paul, who coordinates the Philadelphia Alliance for Supportive Services for Veteran Families, recently gave testimony at Philadelphia City Council’s Joint Committee on Public Safety and Housing, Homeless and Neighborhood Development, on September 11, 2012. She spoke about Project HOME’s efforts, in partnership with other local agencies, to work with veterans and veterans’ families who are experiencing or are on the brink of homelessness.

Deward Johns | No Tossing of These Graduation CAPs

Deward Johns knew this day was coming.

Speaking on behalf of his 11 fellow departing seniors from the College Access Program (CAP) at the recent graduation ceremony held at Project HOME's Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs, Johns betrayed a common mix of anxiety and confidence when contemplating the important high school-to-college transition.


United States military veteran and current Kate's Place resident Stanley Shelton's struggles with homelessness, addiction, and depression and his subsequent recovery provide a perfect case study for the efficacy of vet-centered service organizations.


Deward John has been a participant in Project HOME’s Teen Program at our Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs. He graduated as Salutatorian of his high school graduating class at Walter D. Palmer Learning Partners Leadership Preparatory Academy and will be attending Albright College in the fall, studying finance. He recently spoke at a July 24 celebration of graduates who were part of our College Access Program.


Steve Lozowski volunteers at St. Columba, a safe haven for chronically homeless men who suffer from severe mental illness. Steve helps provide meals, comfort, and - perhaps most importantly - companionship to the residents.

Project HOME (PH): Tell us a little about yourself.


“How am I going to buy soap? Or even a new toothbrush?

Worries like these often do not cross people’s minds every day, but for Sandra, such small expenses for ordinary everyday needs are about to become a burden on her life – and she is not alone. Effective August 1, thousands of residents across the state of Pennsylvania are about to lose their sole source of income: General Assistance.


"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved the entire world."  (The Talmud)

Richard Brown was a jovial spirit with a ready smile, a hearty laugh, and a heart as big as his large frame. To be in his presence and soak in his friendly and gentle spirit, you couldn’t imagine that this same person had once been an angry and despairing addict living on the streets.


Betty Mills-Robinson’s story is not one of potential denied, but of potential delayed.

At 14, Mills-Robinson left her mother’s warm home, situated as it was in an otherwise difficult North Philadelphia neighborhood, and moved in with an aunt who could offer a safer environment in which to live and go to school. She took full advantage of the opportunity, zipping through high school and steadily moving up the ranks in her career with the City of Philadelphia. Not even an unexpected diagnosis of bipolar disorder, it seemed, could derail the 23-year-old’s upward trajectory.