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In celebration of five years of the Personal Recovery Services (PRS) program, an innovative dimension of our residential services, we sat with Chris to share his take on the program and their successful 5 year run. PRS is Project HOME’s version of psychiatric rehabilitation services, a person-centered, strength-based program that emphasizes personal growth and empowerment.  PRS staffers work one-on-one with residents on attaining individualized goals. Chris Hausman, PRS program manager, says the program has grown in the quality of services it is able to offer.

Join Vote For Homes in our nonpartisan efforts to encourage and mobilize voters, focusing on people who are low-income, homeless, living with disabilities, or formerly incarcerated.  Together, we registered over 600 people—now we need to support them getting to the polls!

We need volunteers to help us call or text voters and remind them about the election, to knock on doors and assist voters in making their election day plans, and to provide a limited number of rides for voters to the polls on Election Day, November 6th.

Meet Benjamin, who came into Project HOME after hearing about our services, while on the streets battling addiction. From his days on the streets to volunteering with Advocacy, he has been able to leverage those experience and fulfill a childhood aspiration of helping others.

Matt McCloskey at MANNA

Matt McCloskey, after years of ups and downs, knows a good thing when he sees it.

Nearly two years ago, McCloskey was struggling with addiction and facing certain homelessness when a chance conversation led him to 1515 Fairmount Avenue. A spot at St. Elizabeth’s Recovery Residence and support from our Workforce Solutions department eventually followed.

Meet Karen, who has worked with Project HOME for the last 7 years, in various roles serving our community.  Describing her time at Project HOME as "powerful, life-giving and a returning of her humanity'" She speaks graciously about her journey to Philadelphia and how she has grown through her experiences at Project HOME.

Jovan Cosby interned with Project HOME this past summer, between his freshman and sophomore years at Millersville University.

I was 15 years old when I first came to Project HOME.  I was a sophomore at Simon Gratz High School at the time, and I was required to do an internship during the school year to get some “real life” experience.  My placement was an internship at Project HOME’s Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs in north Philadelphia. That one-year internship turned into five.


Did you know you can get your prenatal, postpartum, & newborn care at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center?

Why choose us for your care?

Holiday Season Volunteer and In-Kind Gift Needs

From Thanksgiving to the New Year, Project HOME has many opportunities for involvement to help make the holidays a special time for our community. Review the options below and e-mail vcoordinator@projecthome.org for more details!

When Ms. Helen hugged you, you stayed hugged.

One of the pillars of the Project HOME community, Helen Brown passed away on September 5 at the age of 77. Over twenty years ago, Ms. Helen, as everyone called her, welcomed us into the neighborhood around the old St. Elizabeth’s parish in lower north central Philadelphia. She soon became our Community Organizer, and spent the past two decades overseeing a phenomenal transformation in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

On September 5, 2018, Ms. Helen Brown a prominent figure in the Project HOME community passed away. She leaves behind a legacy of empowerment and transformation and her dedication to the mission of Project HOME will live on in our memories. Please join us, along with her family on September 15, 2018, for a celebration of life as we bid our final farewells to a cornerstone of North Philadelphia and our community.